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Cucumber Breeze

Fresh cucumber, lemonade,

pomegranate popping boba

Watermelon Sugar High

Fresh watermelon, lemonade,

chili popping boba

Summer Lemonade Boba

is here!


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 Today's Dessert Menu

Red Velvet
Pink Macaroons
Choux Pastry
Time for Dessert

Mini Pastries

Strawberry Shortcake Fruit Tart Cream Puff

Eclair  Cheesecake  Chocolate Ganache Roll

French Macarons

Fruity Pebble  Raspberry  Lavender Honey  Passionfruit

Dulce de Leche • White Chocolate Rose  Pistachio

Hazelnut Chocolate  Blueberry Lemon 


Vanilla  Chocolate • Caramel  Red Velvet  Cookies & Cream

Cake by the Slice

Strawberry Shortcake  Tiramisù • German Chocolate


Crème Brûlée  Raspberry Linzer Cookie • Banana or Mango Bread

Tea Set

Get a large

Wild Blueberry tea for the price of a small!

Offer Code WBB721

Pickup orders only

Tea of the Month

Organic Food Badge 8

Wild Blueberry


med caffeine

Blueberry tea can offer a number of excellent health benefits, which may include its potential ability to protect against cancer, strengthen heart health, increase bone density, and boost the immune system. It may also help to prevent macular degeneration, improve cognitive function, and improve kidney health. Try one today!

Blue and White China

Customer Favorites

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise
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Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
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Brown Sugar Boba
Brown Sugar Boba
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Crème Brûlée
Crème Brûlée
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let's get


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